Cars for the Future

Boy, oh boy am I excited. I am starting on this entire series on cars because, I just had this conversation with my wife on buying an electric car. Our verdict, not in the next few years. Reason, it’s not like we can find an EV charging station as easily as we can find a gas station. While car manufacturers are full steam ahead with developing electric cars, the infrastructure to support it still needs some catching up to do. However, electric cars in my opinion is the future because they are clean and do not require petroleum refined from fossil fuel to power them. Fossil fuel is non-renewable by the way.

Is pollution, emission of greenhouse gases, and being a major cause for the depleting fuel sources the only problem with cars? According to the National Geographic,

“Cars consume a lot of energy before they ever make it to the open road. Automotive production leaves a giant footprint because materials like steel, rubber, glass, plastics, paints, and many more must be created before a new ride is ready to roll.”

It is also worth noting that cars sent to the junkyard contain parts that stay in the environment for a very long time. However, this problem was much alleviated because the average cars today are fitted with parts that are mostly recyclable.

These lead me to think that tackling the issue of cars and environment is more than just about reducing emissions or finding alternative energy sources. But these two seem to be the most urgent as highlighted by various sources that I have read. The electric car therefore seems to be the perfect solution at least for the near future.

However, society is not yet ready to fully embrace the electric car movement and therefore, scientists and engineers will still have to create other innovative solutions to reduce petrol car emissions and gas consumption. One of these solutions still under research by Dr. Stephen Mattingly, an associate professor of civil engineering at University of Texas Arlington, is “Smart Traffic Lights”. The whole idea is to reduce the time that cars have to stop at traffic lights which then increases fuel efficiency. Read about his work and a whole lot of other innovative solutions by clicking here.

Now, with all of these information, where do we start? Since Electric Cars seem to be the main solution, at least for the near future, I propose we start by asking ourselves, “how can the entrepreneur community help in supporting the electric car movement?” This will be my thought for the week. Until my next post, have a good week ahead!

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