Plastic Bag Ban or Fee?

Obviously a ban on plastic bags cuts the problem at its source and such waste will no doubt dip significantly. But what are the problems that cities face when they ban plastic bags? Will charging a fee for every bag be a better option? Continue reading

No Charging Station? No Sweat!

What if your electric car ran out of power in the middle of the highway on your long 10 hour road trip and there is no charging station in sight. Wouldn’t it be great if there were alternative charging technology that will charge your car as you go? Let’s explore such technology that are currently under development. Continue reading

Electric Car Nation

How easy is it to transform a nation of petroleum (or diesel) car users to electric vehicle owners? Not an easy task at all. Read about how countries are grappling with infrastructure to support the population of these electric car users. Continue reading

Cars for the Future

Read my first post of this four part series on Electric Cars. Cars driven by the internal combustion engine are arguably the biggest culprit for air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Not to mention the amount of fuel that they consume. Join me as we explore an alternative to personal transportation in Electric Vehicles. Continue reading


My very first post for this blog site. Read about what I stand for and do share your views. All of us have a part to play in Environmental Conservation. Continue reading